Welcome to Jade Woman Enterprises!

Our Mission

Jade Woman Enterprises was established to promote and provide health and healing with Chinese Medicine. The primary focus for many years has been to serve as a bridge for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) students and practitioners to learn and embrace Five Element Acupuncture, the Tao based branch of Chinese Medicine. A training program has been developed, with nature as its basis, utilizing classes, field trips in nature, workshops, clinics, internships and personal mentoring. Students of this program learn to integrate Five Element Acupuncture and their TMC training with honor and integrity, acknowledging and preserving the magic and spirit of this ancient medicine and its incredible healing powers.

In addition to the Five Element Program, there has been and continues to be collaboration through workshops, training endeavors and personal involvement with practitioners in a variety of healing modalities.

The mission of Jade Woman Enterprises is to seek new and better ways to integrate Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine, providing the best possible health and healing for every individual. To further this endeavor our mission includes public awareness and training as well.

Jade Woman Enterprises was established, is owned and operated by Judi Terrill, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.